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Prolog example program
Prolog example program

Prolog example program

Download Prolog example program

Download Prolog example program

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Examples in Prolog. Content. First lesson · Circle: area & circumference · Add two numbers · Double a number · Arithmetic predicates · Bible family · Last element

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note the use of "anonymous" variables _ Here is what happens when Prolog solves the case N=3. ?- move(3,left,right,center). Move top disk from left to right In this chapter we provide several sample Prolog programs. Examples show various ways to load programs into Prolog, and an example of a program calling The right URL of this page is You can find here a lot examples of (hopefully) working Prolog programs that

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I designed this subsite to enable novices to Prolog to learn basics of this language. I use examples of "real" programs to show features of Prolog. The lessons The relationship exploited in the ancestor example occurs over and over again in Prolog programs. Here's a simple example for river networks. drains_to(X,Y) This chapter describes how to write clean programs that will execute efficiently. To some A number of simple examples of Prolog programming are also given.Prolog Example Programs. Solar System · Symbolic Differentiation · Tree Traversal · Witches. Each Prolog program can be run using the form provided. Foundations of Logic and Constraint Programming. 1. Prolog by Example. - A Prolog program is composed of predicates defined by facts and rules, which are It is our first example of a Prolog program. Note that the names mia , jody , and yolanda , the properties woman and playsAirGuitar , and the proposition party

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