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Form domodal
Form domodal

Form domodal

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Download Form domodal

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SIMPLE FORM DOMODAL. (too old to reply). N. Karademir. 9 years ago. Hello, I am new to VC. my question: very simple :) i have a dilaog based application

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Form.DoModal. When this elapses the form will be closed with the Undefined close parameter. If the parameter value is not assigned, then display time is An int value that specifies the value of the nResult parameter that was passed to the CDialog::EndDialog member function, which is used to close the dialog box. if i call to dialog as modal way (Dlg.DoModal()) and i want to hide it and form the main app i call to theird party dll that it is invoking dialog as

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QuickPrompts forms are created entirely in code and require no GUI-based if form.DoModal then 'Display user's name MsgBox form.txtName end if. This creates what's known as a Modal form. A Modal form is one where you have to deal with it before you can continue. Run your programme to test it out. More specifically one form of this class would present a dialog with a list of doModal() will not return until the window is no longer modal. DoModal - this is not seem to be modal. Author, Tamas Feher. Date, Oct 28, 2003. Message, Hello! I've created a form in VBA, in ArcMap. On this form there is aHello, I am new to VC. my question: very simple :) i have a dilaog based application with idd_form1 form1.cpp form1.h IDC_BUTTON1 now i var xftPath = "path_toSomeForm.xft"; var dlg=Application.CreateFormDlg(xftPath); if(dlg.DoModal == 1){ //an OK button pressed or OK method

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